Veg Health Supplement
logo  /  packaging  / April 2020

A concept project - Designing logo and packages for Veg Health Supplement.

Veg Health Supplement is a Canadian trusted and pioneer brand that provides vitamins, natural health and dietary supplements for the whole family,

both children and adults.

tools & Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
veg-logo 1_Artboard 7.png
veg-logo 1_Artboard 5.png
veg-logo 1_Artboard 4.png
veg-logo 1_Artboard 6.png

I picked the Lato - a sans-serif typeface with semi-rounded letters, which brings the feeling of warmth, Serious but friendly. Then customized that to create the logo, designed a green leaf symbol and added to, to show the plant-based and fresh look of Veg's health products.